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Конструирование, изготовление и ремонт оборудования для переработки масличных культур

Конструирование, изготовление и ремонт оборудования для переработки масличных культур

For more than 10 years our experts have been designing and manufacturing equipment to obtain vegetable oil by a pressing method. Using the modern and "know-how" technologies in oil processing, the experts of SUNRISE have designed and put into production a new generation of presses for preliminary and final pressing on cold, hot, husking and non-husking technologies on the seeds processing of oil-bearing cultures and fodder by-products. Our first designs were the oil presses of the MP-500 (МП-500), MP-1000 (МП-1000), FPM (ФПМ), EPM (ЕПМ). Our screw oil presses can process any kinds of oil-bearing cultures and have the productivity of 100-2000 kg per hour. In our oil presses the residual oil content of oilcake is 4-7%.

Our vegetable oil presses have some parameters alike the oil presses MP-68 (МП-68), EP (ЕП), FARMET, CIMBRIA etc., some parameters of our oil presses excel them. Due to modern equipment and current technologies, the prices of our oil presses is lower than our competitors do. Our oil presses can operate in the twofold regime of pressing as well as in the regime of final pressing. They are designed in such a way that it allows to change wearing parts without disassembling their body, which is designed to have an easy access. The oil presses of premium class have electronic device to control pressing and an automatic system to withdraw ballast residue.

We can make individual changes of any oil press design to mount it in any room.

Buyers receive all the information on technology to process oil-bearing cultures. Experts advice clients when choosing main and additional equipment.

A small-sized company can have a space-saving oil press with the productivity of 100 to 400 kg/hour. We designed oil presses that can operate on "cold" processing technology. The equipment allows to obtain the highest quality paying minimum price. SUNRISE has its own research and development department and pilot production of vegetable oil. It is a significant factor to adapt our oil presses to the needs of our customers. We can propose a wide range of services: machines to press oil-bearing cultures, equipment to refine vegetable oil, turnkey installation etc.

  • Vibrosieve Vibrosieve
    The vibrosieves of the model BC are used to remove ballast residue from vegetable oil during the preliminary refinement. The vibrosieve lets the pressed oil go through hair sieve. Vibration forces divide suspension into liquid and solid constituents. The...
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  • Press filter Press-filter
    The important part of vegetable oil processing is refinement. The fine refinement of oil is made by frame-construction press-filters that we manufacture. A press-filter can be used any time you need to divide the solid and liquid phases of middle- and...
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  • Rape processing press Rape processing press
    At present the processing of rape is of primary importance. Our experts have studied the rape processing technology and designed our own equipment. The oil press is made as a single-support screw press having a vertical split-face loose pressing cage....
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  • Expellers Expellers
    Expellers are used for final pressure of oil from oilcake, which is obtained after having been pressed in a forepress. SUNRISE manufactures expellers that have the productivity up to 800 kg/hour (on sunflower seeds). The SUNRISE presses of final pressing process...
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  • Forepresses Forepresses
    Forepresses are used for preliminary pressure of oil-yielding crops when using two-phase pressing. The company SUNRISE produces forepresses having productivity 100 - 2000 kg/hour. The forepresses are reliable in operation and can pressure oil without...
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  • Steam roasters Steam roasters
    During damp-heat treatment the physical-mechanical properties of the raw materials change; the surface forces, which keep oil in the raw material, decrease. It increases output of oil during further processing. To solve the problem of oil-bearing seeds...
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  • Roaster Roaster
    SUNRISE manufactures 3- to 5-vat roasters. The heating area of the roasters is 5.2 m2 to 14,5 m2. Damp-heat treatment of oil-bearing raw materials before oil pressure we manufacture roasters. We use thermal oil, steam or electric power to heat roasters....
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